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Si usted tiene un seguro médico internacional y desea  pedir cita o nos contacta para una segunda opinión médica, por favor contáctenos:




La Coruña

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Paciente internacional



Desde el año 2012 el grupo HM Hospitales decidió dar cobertura de una manera especializada y personalizada a la comunidad internacional, tanto residente como para aquellos que viajan por trabajo, educación o para disfrutarde unas saludables vacaciones y disfrutar de la hospitalidad, cultura e historia de España. 

Para todos ellos, HM ofrece sus hospitales y policlinicos en toda España con un exclusivo servicio personalizado " International Patient" que ofrece un servicio integral personalizado 24/7/365 en cada uno de sus principales hospitales.

  • Gestión de su seguro para asegurar que antes de ser asistidos tienen cobertura médica en nuesrros hospitales
  • Gestión de citas preferentes
  • Acompañamiento durante su asistencia medica de una manera personalizada.
  • Si reside fuera de España, el equipo de Servicios Internacionales le acompañará en todo lo que necesite desde el primer momento en que nos contacta.
  • Si desea una segunda opinión médica internacional, ponemos a su disposición un coordinador médico internacional que le asesorará durante toda la gestión. 
  • Video consultas disponibles.

Para mayor informacion no dude en contactarnos:

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Treatment abroad. Success oriented. A solution for every problem.

​​​​​​​International patient mobility driven by access to more prestigious medical treatments and diagnoses and at a most affordable price is registering continuous growth. This phenomenon, commonly known as health tourism​, positions our Hospitals in a privileged position due to their extended international experience and the highest professional standards. This encourages us to further improve not only our international patient care protocols, but also to continue seeking agreements and cooperation with other countries in order to expose the advanced specialisation of our services and facilitate better access to those services for our patients.

HM Hospitales​ has a long-standing experience as it has been treating many international patients for many years who come from all over the world. These international patients may come to us from their country of residence for a second medical opinion​, attracted by the prestige of medicine in Spain, by our professional specialists, our advanced technologies and the well-recognised quality of our healthcare services, or they may be expatriates, such as diplomats from the different embassies located in Madrid, employees of international companies, or students who are over on an exchange program. We also assist a great amount of tourists​ who have required medical assistance at some point during their trip.

HM Hospitales offers a patient oriented vision of medicine that focuses on their health and needs. For this reason, each patient has a medical team created specially based on the patient´s illness, guaranteeing that each professional on the team is the best in their specialised field.

International Patient Healthcare

This team works in coordination with the rest of the specialists in the hospital and with the patient´s doctors at their place of residence, in the case it is needed, to guarantee the best pre and post-treatment comprehensive care. 

In order to request medical assessment, you may contact us under or (+34) 914 452 126

​Please provide as much medical information as possible. Our team will reply within 48-72 hours according to the degree of specialisation. You will receive a detailed costs estimate for the requested services.

Once the patients accept coming to our facilities and arrive at our Hospitals, our multilingual employees will meet them in our reception personally and accompany them throughout the whole process in coordination with the whole Hospital. All services and procedures are carried out directly, quickly and efficiently, so that the patient feels safe and secure and there is no potential language barrier between the doctor and the patient. After their visit, patients receive all their medical records in a clear an efficient way.

Likewise, we will ensure that the patient´s doctor at home, their family members or their healthcare insurance providers are duly and constantly informed of the patient´s medical evolution​, whenever required.

International services


  • ​​​​​We have Interpreters speaking over 6 languages who will accompany the patient continuously, respecting their opinions and culture. 

  • ​​All our Hospitals have 24/7/365 emergency service​. 

  • All medical specialties​ available.

  • Home doctor and ambulance service in case of emergency.

  • Management of appointments with specialist physicians, according to the patient´s availability in a personalised way. 

  • We liaise with the patient´s international insurers, carrying out all the necessary procedures. We work with the majority of international medical insurance companies, contact us for further information:

  • Airport transfers and accommodation are available for those patients looking for treatment abroad.​

  • In HM Hospitales we collaborate with different partners to assist you and help you during you staying in Madrid. 

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